About Us

Who We Are

Lamina Studios was founded in 2016 when the development of Dungeon Souls was in transition of October 2015. The studio continued the development of the game with Diogo Braga the Lead Developer, Igor Grincu the Pixel Artist and many other artists with its Executive Producer and Project Manager April Poland.

The logo represents the creative and innovative team behind every project. Each member of the team both the developer and the artist shows unique skills and talents. Their collaboration made the team productive and successful.

Lamina Studios added some features like the Controller Support, Logitech keyboard and mouse, Alienware Fx as well as Arx Control. Dungeon Souls final stage has been finished were more bug fixes and numerous patches uploaded. The Arcane Forge, Merlin's story and the final Boss scenes was added features in final stage.

Our Skills

Game Development

Graphic Design

Web Development

Our Services

  • Game Development

    The Lamina Studios team brings to life gaming ideas by creating interactive and engaging video games.

  • Graphic Design

    We offer unique and graphic design services for games, marketing materials, and branding.

  • Web Development

    We offer custom web design, customized to fit your needs.

Awards and Recognition

  • Haogamers Game of the Year (2015)

  • Dubai World Game Expo (DWGE) Best Game (2015)

  • Game of the Year (GDA Philippines) (2015)

  • E-Sports and Game Summit (ESGS) in the Philippines

  • IGN Convention in Abu Dhabi, UAE (Entry)

  • Indie Prize Contest in Singapore 2016 (Entry)

  • Game Development World Championship 2016 in Finland (Entry)