Pixel Artist & Animator


Bastián has a four-year university degree with major in Computer Engineering, Information Technology and Software Engineering. He has developed websites and developed applications, but his two greatest passions are video games and movies because he believes that through them he is able to express emotions, convey message, and to tell stories in a unique way.

He started doing pixel art when he worked on his thesis which is a 2D video game and he was able to deepen his skills in designing pixel art. He continued to learn more and get into illustration and later became his hobby. Some of his works are uploaded on Deviantart until he has contacted by Lamina Studios to work on Dungeon Souls v1.0.5 which gave him the opportunity to showcase his skills.

His contributions to Dungeon Souls includes different arenas such as the following: Halloween, Christmas, Power Core, Razer Chroma, and Rockstone Mountain, new items and new enemies. Currently, he is doing his best to improve his skills and aim to develop his own video games in the future. He would like to share to the world the stories and the world that he imagined for his future video game.