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Module Documentation

A module represents the modding project inside Dungeon Souls. It is the base definition and all modules must have this definition in order for items, sprites and other definitions to be loaded properly. Only one module can be defined per project. If multiple module definitions are found, a compilation error is produced.

Game Variables

A module definition contains the following Game Variables:

Name Description Required
NAME The name of the module shown in-game. True
VERSION The version of the module shown in-game. This version, although not verified for correct ordering, should be used to provide information to the player in regards to the latest version of your module. This way, players can know if they have the most recent module or not. True
DESCRIPTION The description of the module shown in-game. False
SPRITE_DIR The directory where the sprites will be stored in. Dungeon Souls will try to access this directory when loading sprite definitions. Path is relative. False

Location and Extension

The module code is stored in the Dungeon Souls Module (.dsmod) file.


Here follows an example of the definition of a module:

define module test
[DESCRIPTION]="My first module for Dungeon Souls!";

#Place code here...