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Sprite Documentation

A sprite represents a graphical asset inside Dungeon Souls. Sprites can be used to give a graphical representation to other definitions, such as items. They can contain multiple subimages (composing an animation) or just have one single subimage. Sprites are stored inside the SPRITE_DIR directory by default (see module documentation for more information)

Game Variables

A sprite definition contains the following Game Variables:

Name Description Required
SUBIMAGE A sub-image of the sprite. The value of this variable is a string with the name of the file to be loaded. Defining this variable multiple times will result in adding subimages to the sprite. However, be aware that the order of assignment determines the order of the animation (from top to bottom)!
Supported extensions are GIF, PNG and JPG/JPEG

Location and Extension

The sprite code is stored in the Dungeon Souls Sprite (.dsspr) file.


Here follows an example of the definition of a sprite:

define sprite spr_Coin

#Place code here...