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Steam Workshop

The Dungeon Souls Modding Editor (DSEditor) has support for compiling and publish your modules directly onto Steam Workshop. Doing this for a project will automatically associated it with the Steam module and convert the Project Module to a Steam Workshop Project. This page provides a tutorial on how to compile and publish to Steam.

Note: This tutorial assumes you already have a Project Module created.

Compiling and Publishing to Steam

DSEditor has a Steam menu on the menu bar which can be used for all Steam related activites. Currently, the only option is to initialize the Steam SDK, which is disabled whenver the DSEditor boots. It is only required to initialize Steam once, as it will persist until the editor is closed. To initialize Steam, go to Steam>Initialize Steam (CTRL+SHIFT+S).

If Steam is successfully initialized, the following output should appear in the editor's output window:

Steam API initialized.

If Steam is initialized again, the initialization call will be ignored, and the following warning will appear:

Callback loop already initialized.

After successfully initializing Steam, the option to Compile>Compile and Release to Steam (CTRL+SHIFT+R) will be enabled. Selecting this action will cause the standard compilation window to appear, which asks for the name of the .dsa file to output, as well as the target directory.

Upon specifying the output file and directory, the Steam Workshop information window will appear. This window will be automatically filled with information from previous uploads and it will be empty if it's the first time uploading the project to Steam. The window asks for the following information:

  • Steam Workshop Item Title - The title of the item on Steam Workshop. Corresponds to the name of the module that will be shown on the Workshop.
  • Steam Workshop Description - Corresponds to the description that will be shown on the module's Steam Workshop Page.
  • Steam Workshop Preview - The path to an image file that will serve as the thumbnail of the module. Steam reccommends using either .png, .gif or .jpg
  • Change Log- The change log that will be presented with the update (similar to how patch notes are launched). Steam keeps a history of all change logs. Keep in mind that the change log will only be uploaded if the contents of the module have been change (and will not be uploaded if only the Steam Workshop fields have been edited).

Filling out the above information and submitting the module for release will cause the Project Module to be converted to a Steam Workshop Project internally, generating an entry in editor-steam.xml file. Keep in mind that you can change the information above via Steam's client as well!

Uploading to Steam may also cause issues (in case the module is not valid, or, for the most part, you run out of space on your Steam Cloud). The editor will output a descriptive message specifying the cause of the error, which should help with troubleshooting.