Diogo Braga

About Me

Co-Founder and Lead Developer

Origin: Portugal

Over the course of six years, Diogo has developed game mechanic engines in Game Maker. He has also made a few games for android using game maker as well and has done a few applications for Windows using Visual Studio. He has experience in java and C/C++ development. Whether it is an application based for consumer purposes or a scientific-driven development, his best skill is making video games using Game Maker. Diogo likes to look into opportunities in developing video games and desktop applications. He also has some experience in music composition and vocal singing. Diogo has worked on Dungeon Souls' controller support, Alienware FX and Logitech keyboard and mouse lightning effects as well as with Logitech Arx Control feature. He has worked on the game story and did the scripts for several characters. He is also behind the new feature: Arcane Forge, allowing items to be crafted. Diogo is very creative and innovative in terms of his game design concepts.