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Nathan Hanover has five years of experience in music composition, ranging from genres such as, Orchestral, 8-Bit, Rock, Synthwave, Metal etc. He started up on the Internet two years ago under the Name “Nathan Hanover Synthonic Orchestra” and have been slowly increasing in popularity. He has provided two universities and a college with free music to use in their Game Dev courses. As well as worked on two Games in the said universities, one has been “The Longest Road” which the Demo OST is available on his Youtube and Soundcloud. He has worked with Popular Fan Game Developer “Nikson” to create the OST to his “The Joy Of Creation” Series, an Original Five Nights At Freddy’s Fan Game, Spawning Other Fan Games of itself. Over the last year he has relayed with Jim Sterling, a critical Game Journalist in providing Orchestral Covers of the Music and Themes he uses, which has been featured on his show several times, and most recently was approached in June 2017 to score an Original Theme Tune for his parody character “Sterdust”. The Theme Tune “Scribbled In The Sters” is spotlighted on his Youtube and Soundcloud. Nathan is an Educational Student in the midst of a three-year Film Music Bachelor’s Degree.