Dungeon Souls Update #3


Update Details:

• Balanced Red Devil’s damage 
• Fixed Cleric's regeneration bug where it stack when you use it 
• You can now use (“Q” and “E”) or (“Mouse Wheel”) to set abilities and “RMB” to cast 
• Redeemer will now suck 0.001% of hero’s Max HP 
• Elite enemies will have greater 50% Max HP instead of x2 Max HP 
• Blood for attack will now drain 1% of hero’s HP and increase by 0.5% instead of increasing it by 1% 
• Removed the bug regarding the Ally Soul 
• Changed the color of slimes and the lights in the Sewers 
• Improved how CHANCES work in the game 
• Added tooltip for difficulties 
• Changed Redeemer’s blood suck art style 
• Reduced Unicorn Horn’s chance to deal 999 damage 
• Improved Necromancer’s Skeleton AI 
• New Items and Rare ones 
• Reduced chance to launch a rocket when Rocket Item is acquired 
• Changed Door to Portal 
• 30% chance to find golden chest and 50% chance for metal/silver chest 
• Drops of Golden and Silver chest are now more worthy 
• Bosses and Enemies now has chance to stun you 
• Fixed Skeleton Fire Burst hit box 
• Character turns purple when poisoned 
• Fixed Merlin’s Hat item effect 
• Added superior type of enemy in the Nightmare Difficulty 
• Item are now AUTO-PICK 
• Elite and superior enemy don’t drop items in the boss room 
• Boulder trap marks are now red 
• Upgrade you passive skills 
• Upgrade rank by earning points from killed enemy, bosses, collected loots and items 
• *NOTE: Points is not saved when you exit to main menu. 
• Rank titles and icons! 
• Added an option to disable and enable auto-cast 
• “Enabled” – cast skills automatically with “Q” or “E” key or any key you’ve assigned 
• “Disabled” – use right mouse button to cast and mouse wheel to scroll 
• Characters are unlocked in NORMAL MODE/DIFFICULTY 
• You can navigate on the menu by using "W","S", and "Space". In preparation for the controller support. 

Future update include: 
• Soul orb 

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