Dungeon Souls Update #2


Update Details:

• A new class added! 

• Added Mark counter on the HUD 
• Added new information in the Status Screen (work in progress) 
• Items' outline is now color coded 
• Added effect when standing on blood when you have Zombie Tooth 
• Game Over screen now shows who killed you 
• Buffed Barbarian and Warrior 
• Melee characters should now have longer reach 
• Changed Warrior’s third ability 
• Items can now be automatically picked except on the shop 
• More visible skill highlight 
• Abilities can now be cast using “Q” for second abilities and “E” for third abilities (Keys can be changed in the Options menu) 
• Removed Red Devil’s contact damage 
• Bosses should not take too long to kill 
• Thorn traps in the sewers has less damage and can now be destroyed 
• Melee classes has stronger knockback on start 
• Changed Wizard’s attack damage to 3 x 3 fireballs 
• Wizard’s Hell of Fire should not all be critical when you have no bonus damage 
• Boulders should now hurt hero that much 
• Change how Molotov burn enemies 
• Boulder Traps are marked 
• Zombie Tooth can heal hero 5 per 3 seconds 
• Reduced damage of Arrow trap 
• Changed how rare chests spawn in the game (especially gold and metal chests) 
• Slingshot's scatter shot now deals (10% of character attack damage) x (number of Slingshot Item) 
• Spikeball now deals (20% of character attack damage) x (number of Spikeball Item ) 
• Eyeball now deals (15% of character attack damage) x (number of Eyeball Item) 
• Rocket now deals (50% of character attack damage) x (number of Rocket Item) 
• Reworked leveling up system 
• Improved item radius when picking up 
• Changed the position of the map (Toggled by "M" [default]) 
• Pick Axe can now give hero +2 damage and critical chance 
• Increased Shout of Rage and Axe Throw cooldown 
• View ability details when hovered

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