Dungeon Souls Update #1









Update Details:

  • New Items added 
  • Pop-up will now be “BERSERK” instead of “SLOWED” in berserk mode 
  • Thief Dash was changed to “Thief Bomb” while Smoke Bomb was changed to “Invisibility”
  • Cleric’s description has been changed
  • Archer’s 3rd ability will be raining 10 arrows instead of 20 arrows
  • Key has been fixed when buying an item
  • Melee attacks will now destroy projectiles
  • Fixed the bug where your normal attack has no damage when you have Thorn mail or Molotov
  • Soul Jar can now create more souls but will heal slower
  • Gold is not stashed anymore when in EASY difficulty
  • Soul orb is now required to rank up your character
  • You can now mute the game, disable screen shake, and flashes
  • Details of the class abilities will now allow you to view them when hovered (in-game)
  • Ability icon dims when deactivated. 

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