Dungeon Souls: The Makers and Publishers behind Success

Dungeon Souls: The Makers and Publishers behind Success

The team works remotely since each member of the team is in different place around the globe. April Poland, the project developer and executive producer work most of the time with the team developer, Diogo Braga and Black Shell Media (Dungeon Souls' Publisher) and listened to the Steam community to solicit feedback, comments, suggestions and news which they considered most in order to improve the game.

Here are the great, skillful and talented members of Lamina Studios behind Dungeon Souls:

1. April Poland (United States) is the executive producer and project manager, a computer science, network administration, and cyber security. She supports and encourages indie game developers and artist to embark in the gaming field. April oversees the development of the game daily and interacts with team and made up of the talented artists. She is responsible for bringing the team together.

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