Dungeon Souls Update #4


Update Details:

• Other attacks doesn’t decrease Necro’s HP aside from his own attack 
• The character should not be able to get invisible when on the top most wall. 
• Fixed Arrow, Fireball and Knife throw collision mask 
• When axe is picked it should now appear in the inventory 
• Item will no longer appear near the portal 
• Fixed the issue on critical chance: 
    - Formula: critical chance += (n%/100) 
• Critical chance can now be seen in the stats screen 
• Wizard class can now be unlocked in any difficulty but not on EASY level. 
• Fixed the bug when upgrading passive skill 
• Spikeball will not multiply anymore when picked up instead it stacks it’s damage 
• Hammer, Rusty Sword now gives you +2% damage and stack 
• Better shooting at hallways 
• Wooden shield now gives you +10% bonus defense 
• Lifesteal and Blood for Attack only work in normal attacks 
• You now gain 50% EXP on EASY level and 300% on Nightmare level 
• Eyeball will not multiply instead it will increase its attack damage 
• New enemy type on Frozen Caverns 
• Ice Golem doesn’t spawn normal ice block 
• New class has been added (Check it out!) 
• Changed screen flash effect 
• Fixed the effect of stun 
• Reduced duration of Invisibility 
• Thornmail now deals damage to nearby enemies instead of dealing damage on collision 
• Access Options menu in the Pause screen! 

item crit chance = +50% crit chance += (50/100) crit chance += 0.5% 
*This works the same on the items that gives bonus damage/defense 

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