Dungeon Souls Update #5 - Secrets!

Update Details:

- Secret Levels!
- Added New Items
- Reduced amount of snow in the Snow Cavern
- Frost Caverns new tiles
- Fixed the bug when acquiring beating brain
- Add a little sign board on the shop
- You cannot change 2 keys at a time
- Added exp and money counter
- Floating text are now color coded
(Red: damaged taken | Yellow: Critical | Blue: Double damage | White: Normal Damage)
- Enable and Disable Glow
- Elite and Champion enemies doesn’t drop chest anymore instead it gives you large amount of exp
- Twin Blade stack chance by 2% instead of 30%
- Rusty sword now has a bleed chance
- Clearer item descriptions
- Vanguard don’t stack but spawn 3 shield when obtained
- Removed potions inn the Boss room, instead, we made an item which grants you 4 random potions in the beginning of boss battle
- Necromancer can now unlocked by killing 15 skeletons.

Additional Information:
Dungeon Souls is now available for Linux based OS

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