Dungeon Souls Update #6 - Moaar Skelies!!

We know that you all been waiting for this update and we thank you for your always taking the time to reach out to us to report bugs/issues encountered. We appreciate your support and interest in the game. Your participation has inspired us more to keep enhancing the game and we will proceed to adding more features and to fully polish the game.

• New dungeon level generation
• New Secret Level
• The Judgement (WIP)
• New enemies are added
• Merlin's projectile is now slower
• Wood chest has 100% chance to drop items
• Treasure box increase the chance to get uncommon items
• Traps hit harder now when defense is low
• Rebalanced barb's 2nd ability
• Rebalanced archer's 2nd ability
• Necromancer's 3rd ability upgrade now spawns more skelies!
• Hammer now gives you 5% stun chance
• Added an effect on shout of rage
• Nightblade has its own alternate skin
• Elite and Champion enemies has a chance to drop keys instead of chests
• Enemies do not constantly spawn in the dungeon anymore
• Stats screen closes when you open inventory (vice-versa)
• Merchant is no longer selling soul orb
• Abilities display "RMB" as control to cast when auto-cast is disabled


The final boss is a work in progress. We will continue to update the final level until it is finish.

Thank you,

Mike Studios

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