Dungeon Souls Update #7 - FLAMING UPDATE

- You can now display hp bar on character
- Increased damage of Nightblade but with slower attack speed
- Added Redeemer spawn timer
- Shop items should not be misplaced anymore
- Changed the art of boulder trap marks
- New Fireball trap
- Rats and Big Slimes doesn't shoot anymore
- Floating eyeball in Ice Caverns now has slower projectile
- Fixed the description bug of Zombie Tooth
- Fixed cooldown reductions
- Some abilities start cooldown after effect wore off
- Fixed item description box
- Merchant now sell 1 random potion and 2 random items
- 2% life steal should now give you 2% not 0.02%
- New art for explosion
- Ability descriptions are now color coded
- Necromancer can now be ranked up again
- Necromancer's third ability now shows how many skeletons are left that can be summoned
- Enemies should not spawn too close to the hero
- Removed the defense cap
- Purple mages now sucks hero's hp even if their hp is full
- Some items can now deal magic damage instead of attack damage
- Reworked the map
- Barbarian's normal attack now shakes the screen a bit
- Some abilities can now deal magic damage
- Fixed Thief Bomb damage
- Abilities now has preview images in character selection
- Improved GUI when adding stats
- Some traps now deals magic damage instead of attack damage
- Nightblades hammer swing now shakes the screen a bit
- Increased magic damage of green and red wizard
- Decreased Merlin’s rate of fire
- Barbarian’s normal attack now deals % damage instead of + damage
- Increased Nightblade’s Thick Armor cooldown
- Nighblade’s Weapon Switch is already in Tier 1 on start
- Weapon Switch
Chakram: First strike deals 60% additional magic damage (60% - 70% - 80% …)
Hammer: First strike deals 60% additional attack damage (60% - 70% - 80% …)
- New Nighblade ability icons
- Madu Buckler now gives 10% chance to parry attacks (10% - 15% - 20% …)
- Redeemer now sucks 10% of your health
- Active items!
- Potions are now automatically consumed
- Upgrading Necromancer’s summon ability now increases ally’s maximum health
- New walls in the Dark Dungeons
- Broadsword now just increase your cooldown a little bit
- New difficulty
- New passive skills
- Increased the maximum upgrade for passive skills
- You can now reset your progress
- Ranking up now gives you upgrades (can be viewed when hovering the icon)
- Difficulties are now unlockable
- Boulder trap should not spawn more than 1 boulder
- New Items
- Skeleton King summons don’t stuck on the wall anymore
- New Ice Cavern boss

Thank you for waiting for this update. Please keep your suggestions coming.

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