Dungeon Souls Update #8 - More Fixes and Balances

How is it going guys?

Sorry for the delay in update. We were supposed to release an update last week but Mike has been busy preparing for the IGDA Manila meetup because he was chosen to be one of the speakers. One of our team members took all your suggestions/recommendations/comments to keep track of the updates.
If we were not so active in the discussions in the past weeks it is because we are also busy preparing for some other things.

If there are other things that we haven't included yet in this patch especially those have been posted in the discussion, we will go over it again and include them on the next patch. :)

Here are the changes made:

- New magic and active items!
- Enemies in Boss Room and Judgement's Big Projectiles now has chance to drop potions
- Lady Laine now drops big chest
- Lock pick now gives you 25% chance to open all chests
- Increased chance for enemies to drop potions
- Reduced laser beams' knockback
- Item acquired popup text is now back
- Leveling up now increases your maximum hp by 5%
- Merlin's hat now gives you 10 magic resistance
- Laser staff should now display "20% chance" not "20 chance" and gives you 5 magic damage
- Necromancer's skellies can't be stuck on walls anymore when summoned
- Map frame can now be enable/disable
- Use items now has their own outline color
- Fallen Soldier Shield should now have a green outline
- Reduced number of traps but still are dangerous
- Reduced the range of arrow traps

Thank you so much everyone!

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