Update #10

We would like to thank everyone for bearing with us. It has been a while since the last update, and we are doing the best to improve your Dungeon Souls gaming experience. There will be more improvements of the game including the design, story, controller implementation and configuration, multiplayer and many more.

Update #10 includes:

- Controller Support
(Xbox One & 360 and Generic controllers)
- Tutorial
- Keyboard+Mouse Config Tab (will not work if controller is plugged in)
- Controller Config Tab (continued test of controllers)
- Improved FPS and optimization
- Alienware implementation (currently removed due to running game issue)
- new arrow trap visual art
- reduced the chance for potions to drop
- new enemy (soul stealer) --> not as a new class (this is a correction)
- some props don't drop coins anymore
- necromancer skin - fairies are now animated
- reduced key drop chance
- rebalanced nightblade's abilities
- corpses now fly

Special Mention: We are currently working on the classes and levels so please hang in there.

We are continuously working on the implementation of other controllers and preparing the game for full release. There will be a lot more to look forward to and we are very much dedicated to making the game even better.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

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