Dungeon Souls Update #12

Here are the update details for Dungeon Souls Update #12:


[Thunder Axe]
-Now deals 100%+(10% per level) on impact;
-Now shocks with 50% +(5% per level) physical damage and 90% + (10% per level) magic damage;


-Increase base magic damage from 0 to 1 (increased to 2 at max neophyte);

[Thief Bomb]

-Circular explosions now deal 50% (+5% per level) physical damage and 100% + (10% per level) magic damage;


-[Mega Swords]

-Increased magical damage from 100%+(20% per level) to 160% +(40% per level);


-Fixed a bug where summoned skeletons were not being targeted by enemies. This meant that the summoner could be at back-range, away from any enemy range, and just wait for the skeletons to kill the enemies.

-Reduced skeletons base health from 100 to 80.


-You can now correctly assign keybindings to customize your controller's actions. Despite this, there are certain keys that are system-reserved and camera's movement and player movement cannot be mapped;
-Changed default layout to the community's suggested controller layout;
-Fixed tooltips not displaying the correct keys for controllers.


-Fixed a bug that would cause the configuration file to become corrupt and rapidly close the game;
-Fixed a bug where abilities were not scalling correctly with bonus physical and magical damage;
-Mini-map is now enabled by default (thanks DDaredevil for the suggestion!);
-Increase spawn rate of golden, metal and wooden chests (thanks GeronimoGC for the suggestion!).

Thank you for your continued support and patience. We are continuing to work on the game. Any issues/bugs encountered for urgent assistance please contact us via email at mike.gamesdev@gmail.com or agp@mike-studios.com.

-Dungeon Souls Team-

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