Dungeon Souls Update #12.1 - Mini Update

Update #12.1 Scope

This patch version is a hot-fix for some bugs reported in Update ver 12. Some minor improvements were added to the game experience.


-MAJOR: Fixed an issue with character saving/loading that caused some hero stats to be lost. This means that the necromancer should no longer reset its rank, as well as any other characters.

-Added a back-up mechanism that saves a back up of the player's data to be used whenever the main save file is corrupted.

-Fixed an error that would cause the game to crash due to invalid keybinds with controllers. Now the game automatically attempts to detect these invalid keybinds and fix them, instead of requiring manual deletion of the configuration file;

-Fixed a bug where sometimes using an attack would cause the game to crash;

-Fixed an issue with gamepad's analog stick not working as intended;

-Character Selection now allows left and right movement keybinds (for example, 'A' and 'D') to switch heroes (thanks Shrike for the suggestion!);

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