Dungeon Souls Update #12.4

This patch fixes small bugs found in patch version 12.3. It also adds a bit of new content!


-Fixed a bug that caused the game to give an error when redeemer appeared under certain conditions;

-Fixed a bug with the logging system;

-Fixed a bug that caused the game to give an error when PWizard was alive under certain conditions;

-Fixed an error that occured when the game detected that the player's save file was corrupted, but no back up files are present to revert;

-Reduced stat point gain increased from leveling up. Now caps at two, gaining 1 per 10 levels;

-Now only basic ranged attacks block enemy projectiles, instead of all kinds of projectiles (such as abilities);

[Item Suggestion Thread]

A huge thanks to Snorlaxxo for the following item ideas:

-[NEW] Item class - Cursed. Cursed items give a massive boost/effect, in trade for a massive downgrade of another stat/effect. They can only be found inside cursed chests.

-[NEW] Chest - Cursed Chest. Has 80% chance to spawn a cursed item, with 2% chance of spawning on a dungeon level.

[NEW][Amplifying Tome]

Description: Makes your damage dealing spells a lot stronger, but highly increases their cooldown.

Effect: +200% mixed damage increase on damage dealing spells, +100% cooldown on damage dealing spells.

Rarity: Purple (Cursed)

[NEW][Scepter of Power]

Description: Gives an insane damage boost, but harshly lowers HP.

Effect: +200% Mixed damage, -50% MAX HP. These effects are refresh upon stat increase and level up.

Rarity: Purple (Cursed)


We would like to notify everyone that the next patch will be available by the end of this week. We would like to take a bit of a time to check on the issues/bugs reported carefully.

Thank you very much for your untiring support and feedback to help us improve the game.

-Dungeon Souls Team-

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