Dungeon Souls Update #14


Details of this section:

Patch 14 adds a lot of new story elements. Merlin's side story is completed, which explains the main story as well. Also, a few bug fixes were applied. Fullscreen has been supported without the black bars (sacrificing aspect ratio).

Game Elements



Removed Gigantulum Slime's audio files. Soon, voice lines will be changed and new voice acting will be introduced.
More metalic props now drop metal scrap.
BEGONE BLACK BARS: Now the game fits the whole window. As such, the game does not respect aspect ratio (meaning if you have a really broad resolution, sprites may look stretched).
SHIELDS!: The game now possess a shield mechanic. The shield acts like extra health points that do not normally regenerate and that do not have a limit.
NOW 10% EASIER!: Easy mode now spawns the player with a shield that has 20 hit points.
ITEM AUTO-PICK: Now responds faster to items, picking them at a faster pace.


(NEW)Forbidden Chambers
-A special place where the player might meet after completing Forbidden Library and certain conditions.


(NEW)Recommendation Letter
Item Effect: Enables the user to buy an aditional item on the store. Stacks cap at 2, enabling the purchase of 3 items.
Item Class: Uncommon
Special Thanks: Thanks to Steam user Ahtrial for the item suggestion!

If you want to suggest more items, please visit the item suggestion thread and share your ideas!


-Voice lines updated due to story elements.

Soul Guardian:
-Voice lines updated due to story elements.

-Reduced base health from 1200 to 700.
-Balanced damage output.
-Increased reaction time between spells.

-Some other bosses were added, but we won't tell you which (wouldn't be fun otherwise)!
Do note, however, that there are some elements that are still missing (such as voice lines and particle effects)

If you want to suggest more enemies, please visit the enemy suggestion thread and share your ideas!

-Arcane Forge

The arcane forge is a place where you can forge items and weapons to use in future runs for your heroes. You do so by using recipes collected in the Forbidden Library (random drop from monsters) and
by collecting materials from your runs. Whenever an item reaches full stack, it will drop ingredients to be used on the arcane forge! Thanks to everyone who contributed, specially to Steam user Herbrek for the suggestion!

No items added in this version.

Bug Fixes

Details of this section:

-GIBBERISH - Fixed a bug where voice lines were unreadable (distorted text).
-THAT IS NOT HORIZONTAL - Fixed a bug where the boulder trap was not having the correct sprite animation.
-REDEEMER... YOU THERE? - Fixed a bug where picking the shoes of haste whilst the redeemer was spawning would cause graphical UI to glitch.
-DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW TO LOOP? - Fixed a bug where looping was inconsistent, resulting in judgement having incoherent stats.

Considerations In Up-Comming Patches

Details of this section:

-A GUI that displays buffs/debuffs and extra information about what's going on in the game. Thanks to Steam user Herbrek and Xerxes Asuras for the suggestion!

-Quick save and quick load feature. Thanks to Steam user kierasam for the suggestion!

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