Game Description

Dungeon Souls is an action-adventure roguelike dungeon crawler and were inspired by Nuclear Throne, Risk of Rain, Overture and more. Each level of the game is completely procedurally generated with diverse environment and challenges. Searching and activating all the mark placed in each level to unlock the dungeon and escape. Scavenge items and upgrade to a high level to counter dark forces and survive.

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  • Long ranged type of play-style

  • Ensure shot to any enemy, no matter how far

  • Second most accurate with 90% rate at start

  • Archer slay using both skill

  • Arrow Shoot (LMB) is the default attack with the same speed of Thief the cool down speed is 0.33 seconds - the arrows inflict damage approximately 5-6 per hit

  • Archer’s first skill is Pentuple Arrow (Q) that shoots 5 arrows at a time - the skills damage is based on current damage base of the character and cool downs in 12 seconds

  • Rain Of Arrows (E) is the second skill that rains down plethora of 10 arrows down in any enemy - this guarantee wreck and create chaos in massive hordes of enemies even the bosses its cooldown is 18 seconds.

  • Can activate a buff which quintuples his short for a number of seconds or designate an area some distance away to receive a rain or arrows.


  • Is majorly CQC (Close Quarters Combat)

  • His attacks are fairly short ranged

  • Starts off with the most amount of HP

  • He has the second highest defense

  • The closer he is to the enemies the great amount of damage happens

  • Increases his ability if he collects items

  • Axe Swing(LMB) is his default attack approximately 7-16 damage level, this attack has a cool down of 0.60

  • His first skill was Shout Of Range (Q) – a whirlwind attack that last for 5 seconds, the Shout Range(Q) skill damages any enemies within the range

  • Thunder Axe (E) is the second skill - an AOE blast of lightning that deals with 3-6 damage to all enemies without buff and a cool down of 20 seconds.

  • An explosive missile that chains damage to nearby enemies

  • Devastating fast berserker mode

  • Cool downs are such that you still have to rely on your regular melee attacks.


  • Great mobility sturdy

  • He is fast and strong

  • Destroys a large number of enemies

  • Mace swing, basic melee attack in 0.70

  • Spinning death, spins the mace around you in 6 seconds

  • Brawling time, dash to multiple enemies and becoming invulnerable and dealing damage in 12 seconds 

  • The brawler is a fast-paced class that excels in dealing damage around himself and quickly striking his foes! You can unlock him by defeating over 500 enemies in game


  • The religious and holy figure

  • Most entertaining character due to his mid/long ranged attackHis attacks produced light and multiply his attacks and regenerate his own HP

  • He can be unlocked by killing the Souls Guardian – the final boos

  • Holy Light (LMB) is the default attack, cast a projectile with the ability to ricochet off walls, inflicted damage is 2-4 damage at level 1 without buff its cool down attack is 0.06 second

  • Holy Gate (Q) is the first Cleric skill and placed down anywhere in you vicinity, any projectile turns into multiple projectiles, allows to disintegrate enemies without being close, inflicted damage by this skill is based on attack skill and cool down for 20 seconds

  • His final skill is Regeneration (E) that allows cleric to regenerate 10 HP every 3 seconds its cool down is 15 seconds

  • Promises to be the most technical, being tied intently to the player’s positioning.

  • His ranged spells are slow firing, but bounce, and his primary skill is to place a magical barrier which multiplies and spreads his shot as they pass through it.

  • His secondary skill is to heal, but I’ve nonetheless found him a challenge to play effectively, particularly in boss fights or against enemies who move rapidly, rendering the tactical benefits of your magic barriers completely null.


  • Slow movement high burst

  • Place traps to destroy the enemies

  • Wrench swing, is the basic attack that deals in 90% of attack as damage and pushes the enemy

  • March, beauties, spawns 3 spiders that deals  160% of attack damage per spider

  • What your feet, it places mines in circle around you that deals in 160% of attack as damage

  • The engineer is a slow-paced, heavy damage-dealer hero that uses his spider bots and mine fields to blow up foes! You can unlock him by finding the "Rockets!" item.


  • A mid/long range character

  • Starts with accuracy of 90%

  • Summon more minions unless dealt with swiftly  & summon up to 3 skeletons at once and increase his attack power

  • Most of his shots end up in hitting the wall

  • He can be unlocked by killing 150 skeletons in a single run

  • His default attack were Necrotic Blast (LMB), is a long ranged projectile that hs 55% chance to scatter – the attack can do 4-7 damage and cool down of 0.60 seconds.

  • Blood for Attack is the first skill that allows Necromancer to increase his default attack by 50%. However, each time the attack is used with this skill active, the cost is 2% of your HP, the cool down for this skill is 3 seconds.

  • His second skill is Summon, Allows to summon up to 3 skeletons at once with fairly/good amount of damage, After 10 seconds the summon skeletons vanished and return in 20% of your max HP, Cool down is 15 seconds


  • Armor focused uses two weapons

  • Bounce and a long projectile armor that hit the enemies

  • Long projectile ranged attack with low damage in enemies

  • Dark hammer, deals with 75 % damage, 15 % stun enemy on hit for 2 seconds

  • Thick armor, dashes towards he cursor and increase defense by 200% for 1 second

  • Weapon switch, transforms he dark hammer o dark chakram


  • A Mid ranged type of character

  • The fastest character (Speed starts at 0.06)

  • With the lowest amount of HP at start

  • Dagger tThrow (LMB) is the default attack - throwing dagger every 0.17 , each dagger does 4-6 damage and 8 on critical without buff

  • Thief Bomb (Q) is the first skill - launches it in any direction and follows shower of explosions in a circle formation on impact – the attack accuracy is 100%, it inflicts damage anywhere and cool down in 8 seconds

  • Second skill is Invisibility (E), being invisible can damage and traps enemies in 3 seconds - this skill can be used to get out from being trapped and its cool down were 14 seconds

  • No small boon when nipping between incoming projectiles

  • Pin-cushioning enemies with reasonably accurate volleys of knives, lobbing bombs and turning invisible at will


  • Similar to barbarian with balance stats in all categories

  • Slashes multiple enemies at once with medium abilities

  • Starting out with the most DEF

  • He can be stable and interesting

  • Sword Slashes (LMB) is his default attack, with Mid/close-range attack - the inflicts 2-4 damage at level 1- the attack that hit multiple enemies and cool downs of 0.50

  • First skill is Multi Cleave (Q),  decimates and weakens the enemies with fairly large radius due to the extensive circle of AOE - all large group of enemies summons and cool down in 12 seconds

  • Final skill were Mega Swords (E), a devastating shockwave towards the enemy you choose then cuts multiple enemies

  • Languorous  are the swings of her blade

  • A broad but impotent AOE attack is paired with a wide-bore mid-range blast – the latter being the only thing which really puts out any considerable damage.


  • With a long-ranged skills and attacks &/ used for crowd control

  • Close range isn’t deadly but can emerge victoriously with enough strategy

  • The Wizard can be unlocked if you find the “Merlin’s Hat” which is a random drop

  • Fireball (LMB) is the default attack, launch 3 fireballs and hit the opponents and burn them in 6 damage and 12 critical damage, can remove easily the enemies, cool down attack is 1 second

  • First skill is Hell Of Fire (Q) that creates a massive field of fire - turn the enemies into ashes

  • He rid enemies from group and control the crowd, the skill was used at level 1 without buffs, the cool down for the skill is surprisingly short with only 6 seconds

  • The final skill was Duplicate (E), that creates a decoy in vicinity as to which teleport too happen, leaving the enemies stunned and unable to move for a few seconds - this skill can paralyze enemies and finish them with another move and its cool down is 15 seconds

  • Basic flurry of fireballs is deadly enough, but her primary skill sends out waves of detonations from her in eight directions, and recharges pretty promptly, making clearing rune-spawns something of a doddle